Thursday, May 7, 2009

i have been so busy that i havent had time to blog in the meantime my brother ron is talking about dropping out of the blogging world, so me being supportive i came to comment on the blogs! I cant wait til we can all have our summer pool parties at rons house anybody that would like to join just e mail me and ill tell u the easiest way to get over the gates!!!! Anyways, work has been real busy (thank goodness) but also with work being busy its harder to pack the house and get ready for the big move! The kids dont help at all. i put a box in thier room to put all the things that they want to take to the new house. They made jordan a bed out of the box and packed nadda thing! Cs is throwing away everything and anything!!! (driving me nuts) i come home and stuff is gone, he decided to stop by the house in the garbage truck and load it up a couple times! The thing is that most of the stuff isnt his that makes it in the truck!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Also Kim, doc said that u can bring them to our offfice and she'll clean thier teeth every 6 months! If u refer us to other people shoot she'll hook the whole family up!!!!! And im real serious about u coming and doing pics for us! Can we do this soon tho..... Find us a spot and we'll meet u there on a friday, sat or sunday!!!! sat has to be after 3 tho!!!! let me know for reals we need some done bad, we dont have 1 family pic together.
Kids say the funniest things, especially my Kobie!!! The other day cs was telling all teh kids that their heads llok like dirty tennis balls. After hearing it all day Kobie said i'd rather look like dirty tennis ball than like u a dirty pole!!!! i started cracking up cuz cs looked shocked! It did fit him tho since hes skinny and just a little black!!!!!
Back on Kobie i need some advice because i have no clue what to do w/ him and his clothes!!!! He has pants and shorts that fit his long legs but chooses to wear Kavins jeans that are made for short legs. Seriously i dont know what to do he sports kavins pants as capris! Everyday I iron a pair of size10 jeans for Kobie and he comes out of the room w/ wrinkled 8's on. They are 1/2 way to his shin and he argues that his other pants are too long! Not only that, he has 3 shirts that we hid because he can only wear these 3 shirts! We buy him good clothes but they sit in closet until they are too little. My son really isnt a bum and after we argue and hes mad about what he has to wear he looks really handsome! I just want him to care about how he looks!!!!! Help me!!!!!! Any suggestions?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm 1/2 way done with my work week! I love weekends and pay days! Yesterday, cs brought all the kids to the office for check ups! You would think that since i work in a dental office i would bring them every 6 months, right? WRONG! its been a year since they came! Well in the end the outcome of the check ups were shocking! My 2 that have never had a cavity had cavities and the ones i knew were gonna need root canals didnt have a cavity! Kobie had no cavities. He was shocked when doctor barin said no cavities. He was like i dont? i dont? are u serious? Doctor Barin was laughing because he kept saying it. Kavin had 1 cavity and thought it was the end of the world! Aaliha has 3 cavities but aaliha did tell doc its only because when she goes to her moms house her and her mom dont brush their teeth! ha ha! Let me laugh about it again!!!!!! ha hahha ahh! Kolton had no cavities but need braces. Anyways, i was reminded yesterday why i wait to bring them to my work. They cleaned the toy box out, ran around like its their office too, and came right after school so we had to hear about them starving to death the whole time!Yesterday was cherise's b day and she never called me back so i know she better have had a good time!!!!! Kim i love the pics from sunday! Do u do weddings? only because heather will be getting married soon! Ya, she comes into work every morning on the phone w mike on the phone and a BIG grin!!!!! I mean every morning! Ya i think we need to worry cherise because our little sister is going to get married before us! lol!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter flew by already and this means before you know, its 4th of july, then thanksgiving then christmas all within what seems like 3 months! Well we didnt do too much on easter. I did come out of my house to see kolton driving cs around the block. They both had the biggest grins on thier faces as my face wanted to cry and throw up. My stomache hurt because it hit me that he is 13 and in 3 yrs he really will be driving. All we really did was lay around the house attempting to go to the park, but then waited so long that it was time for the easter dinner at moms. Tell me what it is w/ guys and cars? Cs has me and the kids drive seperate cars to places sometimes. He says its so in case one of us has to leave early, but i really think its so we can watch him drive in the old school car. He can be the biggest dork. He watches himself in the paint reflection in other cars on the side of him when hes in that car! So yesterday he goes and hops in the old school car assuming that we were all driving in the truck, but i had everyone get in his car. He was lookin like we were crazy! Anyways, it was a nice ride the weather was perfect to ride w the top down and we cruised.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So doc is back today and we have the longest most crazy day ahead. Work from 7 to 7 today and why is it that everyone gets a toothache at the same time.... when the doctor leaves town!!!! I just wanted to tell kim thank u for keeping kobie agagin today and that im sorry about travis!!!! He was one of those great guys that made everyone laugh. He will be missed! Love ya all!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have to tell everyone how mean my bother KIM is!!!!!!! So, when i got home from work he calls me saying they are going to cali and can i get off just a couple days! Knowing i cant take off work at all this week, i still contemplated it! He is so mean then as i was thinking, how i can do this, he says," ha ha no were not going"!!! This is the kind of abuse that i should be used to after all these yrs. Why do i fall for all his pranks?!!! So not only did kim play a prank on me so did cs. While i was at work he called and was talking about having a couple boys over to watch the final basketball game and just bbq some hot links and hamb. So, when i get home the game was gettin ready to start there was like 4 people and it was calm, then i swear at tip off here comes 8 more people trying to find a park on our street. My niece nan came to see me after work so we are talking in the garage watching them, and i know these fools are not leaving after the game, they are having a full on party! they are carrying bags of ice, drinks, more food, more snacks more ice, more beer, more everything. so me and nan left!!!! When we came back the game was only at half time and nan had to go to her friends house so i went and locked myself in my room like a good little white girl. The party didnt last too long, only because they had to all get up at 5 am to work! But that was 2 times i got tricked in 1 day!!!